Catherine Gamber, DVM, Medical Director

Dr. Gamber received her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine and Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Science from Texas A&M University. Before moving to the Pacific Northwest she practiced general veterinary medicine in Dallas, Texas. As the medical director of Green Lake Animal Hospital, Dr. Gamber spearheads the development of the protocols and guidelines our staff uses every day to provide top tier medicine to your pets.

Her special interests in veterinary medicine include internal medicine, dermatology, and soft tissue surgery. She is passionate about providing the highest quality of care for her dog, cat, and pig patients. Dr. Gamber sees pigs for routine exams, vaccinations, and grooming. We’re proud of the fact that she is a long-time pig owner who understands that pigs are not “farm animals”, that they have personalities and experience the world just like any other pet. She treats them with the same compassion and kindness she demonstrates towards our cat and dog patients with particular thought toward minimizing stress and creating positive experiences wherever possible.

When she isn’t practicing veterinary medicine, she enjoys spending time outdoors running, hiking, and kayaking. Her own pets include a brown tabby cat named Amber, a yellow lab named Rain, and a pot-bellied pig named Eleanor Pigby.