Aaron joined SVA in July of 2021. He is a veterinary technician student who looks forward to becoming licensed veterinary technician.


Grecia joined SVA in 2021 after getting a her veterinary assistant certificate. She has a particular interest wildlife medicine and exotics and intends to pursue that part of veterinary medicine in the future. When she’s not at work she’s painting or keeping her hands busy with a Rubik’s cube. She shares her life with Jax, […]


Angelica joined SVA in March of 2021. She has a Bachelors degree in Wildlife Ecology and Management from Utah State University. She has big plans to continue her career working with animals and says “I love working with any animal, especially ‘exotics.’ I hope to become an LVT and then enter a graduate school program […]


Ariel first joined SVA in 2007 as a client service representative (CSR) at our Ravenna Animal Hospital. At Ravenna Ariel became a very knowledgeable CSR and branched out in to working with the veterinary assistant (VA) team as needed. She moved out of the area and took a job as a veterinary assistant at another […]


Krystal joined SVA in 2019 as a kennel assistant. She quickly proved to be more than up to the task and was promptly promoted to veterinary assistant. She is currently working on earning her degree in veterinary technology. Krystal acts as servant and caretaker to a lovely brown and white tabby named Redwood whom she […]


Katt joined SVA in February of 2014 after earning a BS in zoology from WSU, working with everything from capybara and waterbuck to elephants and tigers, but her biggest love is the Great Apes.  She worked with chimpanzees and orangutans at a sanctuary in Florida that housed apes retired from acting, apes that had been […]


Ga-Wing joined SVA as a veterinary assistant in 2007 after earning a B.S. in Biology from the University of Washington. In 2019, she became one of two Call Center Coordinators who help to handle messages and prescriptions for all of our hospitals. Ga-Wing lives on a farm with at least one cat, and two dogs […]