Hilary joined SVA in December of 2021. She got a BA in biology from Earlham College and an MS in Biology from Harbor Beach Oceanographic Institute. Hilary is in veterinary medicine because she loves animals and enjoys getting to help them live long, happy lives. When she’s not at work she likes to hike, ride […]


Amy joined SVA in 2021. She decided to join our team because she loves animals and has a history of working in customer service, which we think is a fantastic fit. When she’s not working she’s spending time with her tortoiseshell cat named Skeeter or playing guitar, gardening, playing video games, or getting out to […]


Katherin joined SVA in March of 2021. She has an associates degree in Linguistics from North Seattle College. Katherin considers herself “semi-” multi-lingual with Spanish as her first language, English her second, and she “learned enough German in college to actually visit Germany a few years ago!”  When she’s not answering client requests, Katherin says […]

Orlando K.

Orlando joined SVA in July of 2019 after receiving their BA in Drama from UW. They’re new the veterinary field but has dreams of opening a feline/canine hospice and elderly care business. When  they’re not devoting their time to animals at work they enjoy writing and producing music, contemplating conspiracy theories, and traveling. Annie’s companion […]


Gail joined SVA in 2018. She received a Bachelor of fine arts and painting. Gail loves interacting with people and meeting their pets. When she’s not at work, she enjoys painting and gardening. She is doting mother to an 8 year old Cairn Terrier named Skyler.


Becky joined SVA in 1998 after studying History and English at North Seattle Community College after which she spent nearly 10 years working as a dog groomer where she cultivated and solidified her love of working with pets and their people. Becky’s main veterinary interest is improving the lives of pets by helping clients understand […]