Summer Smith, Human Resources

Summer joined SVA in 2007 after earning her A.A. from South Seattle Community College.  When she’s not at work Summer loves gardening, and canning the harvest at the end of the season; spending time in the park with her husband, Bob, and their dog; razor clam digging out at the ocean; and spending time with […]

JoAnne Donelson, Accounting

JoAnne rejoined SVA in 2007, after a previous ten-year employment with the company. She earned her BS from the University of Washington, is a Notary Public, and belongs to the American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers. She has one cat named Spurgey, who used to enjoy coming to work every day until he met the office […]

Vicky, Inventory Specialist

Vicky joined SVA in 2001 after earning her B.A. in English from Washington State University. She enjoys painting, traveling, and seeing all the different animals that call Seattle home. She shares her home and office with Wren. They keep each other occupied and enjoy finding trouble to get into together.  

Kelly, Marketing Specialist (she/her)

Kelly joined SVA in 2007 as a client service representative at Green Lake Animal Hospital (many years) after earning her license in driving. Kelly started her life surrounded by multiple pets (mostly cats) and remembers helping bathe dogs in her mother’s grooming shop as a child. It seemed only natural for her to continue working […]