Licensed Veterinary Technician Needed

Green Lake Animal Hospital is looking for a professional Licensed Veterinary Technician… with personality!

  • Are you looking for job satisfaction?
  • Do you want to love your job and  the people you work with?
  • Are you looking for a company that values your input and encourages both personal and professional growth?
  • Do you want to make a positive difference in the lives of pets and the people who love them?

Look no further!

Our mission statement is simple:

Make Life Better For People And Their Pets.

Whether it is helping a coworker with a procedure, educating an owner about how best to soothe their anxious cat, or providing life-saving surgery to a sick dog, we strive to put the health and comfort of our staff, clients, and patients at the forefront of our practice.

Be a part of something great!

Join a veterinary team with an excellent track record of employee retention and high employee satisfaction! We are a fun team of highly skilled individuals who encourage teammates to continue learning and growing. Our practice is busy and that’s how we like it to be. This is not a job that we think of as boring!

The Job:

Our technicians are challenged to use their skills at a high level and strive toward continuous learning. Our doctors (lead by doctor-owner Jeb Mortimer, and associate-doctors Catherine Gamber, Joyeeta De, and Erin West)  appreciate and respect the knowledge and training licensed veterinary technicians bring to the profession and are not afraid to encourage growth. You can expect to perform all the skills outlined in the WAC. As a part of Green Lake Animal Hospital’s technician team you will work with a variety of people with diverse backgrounds and lifestyles in a warm and inclusive environment.

The Benefits:

Our pay for skills program has an hourly compensation rate beginning at $19.70 per hour. As you master your skills at your own pace, the wage will increase to $27.10 per hour.

Our generous compensation package begins after 90 days and includes a medical, vision, and dental plan, life insurance, continuing education, uniforms, discounted pet care, paid time off, and 6 paid holidays. Retirement matching plans are available after 2 years. A hiring bonus of $2,000 will be paid upon completion of 90 days of employment. Plus, our building is located 1 block away from Green Lake Park, a premier Seattle destination for relaxation and exercise!

Team Player Needed:

Green Lake Animal Hospital is comprised of self-managed teams. This is a very unique management system that allows all employees have input and responsibilities pertaining to our daily operations and long term planning. If you enjoy working for a large business where your suggestions are ignored and you have no say in how you manage your time, this is NOT the job for you.   A successful employee will be one who wants to play an active role in patient care, practice policy, and who has good problem-solving and interpersonal skills. Your “people skills” are as important as your medical skills. Having a sense of when to be meticulously professional, when to let loose and laugh, and when to combine the two is a huge plus.


If you are a veterinary technician who is licensed in Washington and would like to join us, please respond via email and attach your resume and cover letter. Your cover letter and resume will be reviewed by the veterinary technician team and you will be contacted for an interview if we think you sound like a good fit!

Contact Us To Apply

Job description as outlined by the Washington Administrative Code:

  1. A licensed veterinary technician may perform the following tasks only under the direct supervision of a veterinarian:
    1. Anesthesia:
      1. Induction, including preanesthesia;
      2. Maintenance;
      3. Monitoring.
    2. Application of casts and splints;
    3. Floating teeth;
    4. Intraperitoneal injections;
    5. Blood administration;
    6. Closure, including suturing, of prepared skin wound or gingival incision;
    7. Arterial and central venous catheters
  2. A licensed veterinary technician may perform the following tasks only under the indirect supervision of a veterinarian:
    1. Intravenous injections into uncatheterized vein;
    2. Centesis, including fine needle aspirates;
    3. Unobstructed bladder catheter;
    4. (d) Diagnostic procedures:
      1. Fecal analysis;
      2. Electrocardiograms;
      3. Blood pressure;
      4. Cytology analysis, including urinalysis and hematology;
      5. Microbiology.
    5. Placement and use of nasogastric and orogastric tubes for gavage, lavage, or reflux;
    6. Ophthalmological procedures:
      1. Tear production testing;
      2. Topical anesthetic application;
      3. Fluorescein staining of the cornea;
      4. Tonometry.
  3. Tasks authorized to be performed under immediate or direct supervision for unregistered assistants, may be performed by licensed veterinary technicians under indirect supervision unless otherwise restricted.
    1. Place and secure an intravenous catheter;
    2. Monitor vital signs of an anesthetized patient;
    3. Dental prophy
  4. Direct supervision for unregistered assistant. An unregistered assistant may perform the following tasks only under the direct supervision of a veterinarian or licensed veterinary technician:
    1. Intravenous injection into catheterized vein;
    2. Vaccines
    3. Imaging procedures;
    4. Removal of sutures, drain tubes and staples;
    5. Bandaging;
    6. Removal of exposed foreign bodies;
    7. Lab sample collection and test preparation (not evaluation) to include:
      1. Venipuncture;
      2. Skin scraping.
      3. Microchip implantation;
      4. Enema;
      5. Ear flush;
    8. Perform electrocardiogram and blood pressure measurements;
    9. Intramuscular and subcutaneous injection;
    10. Massage except where regulated.
  5. Tasks not specifically listed or otherwise restricted may be performed by a licensed veterinary technician or unregistered assistant under the indirect supervision of a veterinarian.
  6. Veterinary biologics. Licensed veterinary technicians and unregistered assistants may only administer veterinary biologics for rabies and those diseases listed in WAC 16-42-026(1) under the direct supervision of a veterinarian.
  7. Emergency animal care. Under conditions of an emergency, a licensed veterinary technician and unregistered assistant may render certain life saving aid to an animal patient.
    1. A licensed veterinary technician may:
      1. Apply emergency cardiopulmonary resuscitation and first-aid procedures
      2. Administer pharmacologic agents and parenteral fluids only after communication with a veterinarian.