Kelly joined SVA in 2007.  Her veterinary interests include attempting to learn all the whats and whys of veterinary medicine and finding ways to make that information useful and understandable to everyone and also improving the veterinary experience for pets..  She’s very interested in visual arts (mainly photography) and finding ways to combine these things with her job.  She lives with her husband and sister who help care for the family’s multiple pets: Loki the Basenji, Dache the Chihuahua, Cookie the Chihuahua, Phoebe the former Old Dog Haven foster Chihuahua, Lily the Dachshund, her twin Millie the Dachshund, and Turbo the parakeet. She often finds herself with a lost waif who needs a soft place to land (which is where most of her pets come from).  Kelly volunteers for MEOW cat rescue in Kirkland mostly helping with their annual Feline and Fine Wines auction.