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Jacq joined SVA in December of 2018. Their primary veterinary interest revolves around animal behavior from feral population studies to canine training. In their personal life, Jacq is passionate about wildlife conservation, evolution, paleobiology, life drawing and sketching, literature, hiking, travel, and exploration. Jacq’s previous pet was a German Shepherd named Sawyer whom they love [...


Katt joined SVA in February of 2014 after earning a BS in zoology from WSU, working with everything from capybara and waterbuck to elephants and tigers, but her biggest love is the Great Apes.  She worked with chimpanzees and orangutans at a sanctuary in Florida that housed apes retired from acting, apes that had been […]


Brooks joined SVA in 2017. He received a BA in anthropology from AZ State University. His veterinary interests are based in dentistry and radiology. When he’s not helping out at work, Brooks enjoys video games, reading, cats, tattoos, and bow ties. Brooks is a Harry Potter fan and proud member of Slytherin House. He is […]


Nicole joined SVA in 2008 after earning her B.A. in English Literature from St. Norbert College in Wisconsin. At work Nicole enjoys team-building exercises, training new assistants, and teaching and learning new low stress handling techniques.  She also enjoys finding new ways to improve the veterinary experience for everyone from patient to client to coworkers. […]


Ga-Wing joined SVA in 2007 after earning a B.S. in Biology from the University of Washington. Ga-Wing has a cat, Bronson and a dog named Ruckus. She enjoys going to the mountains, traveling, playing sports, and spending time with family.

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